About us

onas-(14).jpgMentioning the days when a television stood in a single position on a table and viewers had to find a suitable position just to watch it sounds like something out of prehistoric times. By contrast, today's technology adapts seamlessly to the user's needs. As proof, there is a wide range of Stell brand products, which since 2005 include not only stationary, extendable and articulating mounts for televisions and AV equipment, but also various types of modern tables and shelves.

The main advantages of Stell products are not only top quality and maximum flexibility, but also simple operation, which ensures easy handling and convenient use. Those who love great design, will undoubtedly appreciate the attractive appearance typical for all Stell brand products.

There are many types mounts available for the multitudes of types and sizes of televisions and AV equipment. This wide range of products offers a solution to both owners of 100" screens who will appreciate the extendable articulating Stell mount with a load capacity of 70 kg, and ladies used to watching television on a 13" screen while cooking will be pleased with a simple stationary Stell mount installed on a kitchen cabinet.  
The Stell brand also offers combinations of mounts with TV tables, or standalone universal tables for every interior in either a metal/glass or wood/glass design.

Tabletop mounts for televisions and monitors are also very popular as they make computer based work easier.
One of the more recent trends gaining traction not only in public areas but also as a part of modern interior design, are articulating ceiling mounts for screens measuring up to 70" and weighing up to 80 kg as well as stationary or extendable ceiling mounts for projectors.

The Stell brand also caters to fans of quality music. For DVDs and set-top-boxes it offers practical universal shelves and articulated loudspeaker wall mounts that contribute to a rich listening experience of both music and the spoken word.
Owners of satellites are also familiar with Stell products – high quality yet affordable antenna mounts offer significant flexibility - they can be mounted on walls, balconies or poles.