vesa-(1).jpgWhat is VESA?

Perhaps when selecting a suitable television mount you were surprised by the salesperson's question "A what type of VESA do you have?"... Information about VESA and the weight of the appliance constitutes the key parameters when selecting a television mount or stand.

The majority of today's modern television and monitor manufacturers already take into account that you may wish to mount the purchased appliance on a wall using a mount or to attach it to a stand. So already during production, they include threaded screw holes on the rear side. This is, of course, very practical. The catch is, however, that the location of these screw holes (their distance from each other) varies for
individual types of appliances and this fact must be considered when
selecting a mount or stand.  

In order to know which mount to choose for your television, you need to know the VESA dimension of your TV (you may also encounter VESA STANDARD or VESA NORM). It describes the span, i.e. the vertical and horizontal distance between the screw holes on the rear side of the appliance – this determines the type of mount or stand that is suitable for your appliance.

When you find the VESA dimensions on the rating label of your TV: 400x300 mm means that the horizontal distance is 400 mm and the vertical distance is 300 mm. This means that you need to purchase a mount that supports VESA 400x300.