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VESA 100x100  
VESA 200x100  
VESA 200x200  
VESA 300x200  
VESA 300x300  
VESA 400x200  
VESA 400x300  
VESA 600x300  
VESA 600x400  
VESA 600x600  
VESA 75x75  
Way of movementmechanical  
Min. screen diagonal13 "  
Max. screen diagonal40 "  
Load capacity20 kg  
Tilt downwards15  
Min. distance from wall7,5 cm  
Max. distance from wall21,8 cm  
Minimum span75 X 75 MM  
Maximum span200 X 200 MM  
VESA 400x400  
VESA 600x200  
Spirit level  
Removal prevention mechanism  
Swivel +/- 90°  
Level correction +/- 180°